The Value of Newsworthy Storytelling

 In Media Relations

Have you ever felt that spark you get when you think of a great idea? Your stomach lurches, your heart speeds up and your mind starts racing a mile a minute. I love this feeling. Coming up with a good idea for telling a client’s story leaves me refreshed and eager to execute it.

This feeling most often happens to me when I’m least expecting it – in a regular monthly meeting, on a call with a client, discussing daily tasks with a coworker. All of a sudden, this great idea pops into your mind. It could be from a quick side story in a discussion, an interview digging for stories, a brainstorm, even waking up in the middle of a night and writing your brilliant idea down. (There’s a 99 percent chance these ideas will make no sense in the morning, but it’s worth it to write them down just in case!)

Storytelling is perhaps the biggest role public relations plays. No, that doesn’t mean telling stories, or telling fibs, despite what some may believe. Storytelling is crafting a client’s message in a creative way and is an incredibly effective way to communicate with your audience.

Public relations professionals are constantly looking for stories to pitch to journalists. The smallest tidbit of information could pan out into a front-page placement in a newspaper.

So how can you dig out this inspiration from your client? Ask questions. Look for idea stimulation in unlikely places. Constantly be on the lookout for something that inspires you. The best stories are those that have never been told before. Look for gaps in the media ­– what hasn’t been covered yet?

Which would you rather see – purely factual information on a projector during a presentation or hear a presenter incorporate those facts into a story? I choose the second, and I bet you dotoo. When listening to a story, you’re able to visualize what you’re hearing. You can put yourself into any situation and you’re able to understand the facts much easier. Stories provoke emotion, and emotion provokes action.

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