SPR focuses on generating authentic relationships for clients through all channels, but especially social media. We conduct social media audits and extensive research to have a complete understanding of our clients’ following and to ensure interests are aligned.

We understand each client’s target audience and ensure that our content won’t be intrusive or disruptive to each individual’s social experience. We also understand that while everyone has access to ‘managing’ social media accounts for business, professionals with experience should be the ones actually managing them. With this direct link to your next client, employee or user, do you really want to trust just anyone with it?

SPR has vast experience with social media and as the platforms become more seamless with our lives, our team adapts – ensuring that the social media accounts we manage stay up-to-date on the latest trends and are engaging your target markets in the most effective way possible. SPR’s management of accounts includes monitoring posts, creating engaging content, intensive social listening and providing analytical reports on engagement.

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