A crisis can happen anytime, to anyone. Yes, even you. Crisis management training is something you can do to get in front of a crisis before the narrative gets ahead of you. How you handle crises can either strengthen the trust your employees and clients have in you or damage your reputation.

SPR has trained businesses and nonprofits across the country in crisis management and communications. We help identify spokespeople and key messages, and then we train you with a plan to inform those who need to know first.  Our plans have helped manage many crises that you haven’t even heard of, and there’s a reason for that.

Our training isn’t a boring seminar where we go through the same notes we used last time. We employ live video technology in an entertaining, hands-on seminar, and then we put you in the hot seat with active training on the spot. See how our crisis management training helped our clients prepare to speak in front of the media in response to unfavorable press coverage.

When you call, we jump into action. Our staff is trained. We answer our phones. Day or night. We’re here to help.


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