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You are sitting at a meeting with a client, and they tell you about their new version of their lead generation software they are about to launch. You discuss the details of the product at length and begin to strategize a media campaign. You draft the appropriate written content such as a backgrounder or press release, conduct interviews with leadership, gather visual marketing materials like photographs. While you’re planning all of this, you’re also planning your ideal placement. You ask yourself, “Okay, which media outlet would be the most effective?”

Choosing the correct outlet for your client is imperative in gaining effective media coverage and hitting the PR goals. Research is the most important step in planning your media campaign and deciding which media outlets you are going to reach out to. Ensuring you have all the correct information and tools to effectively pitch your chosen media will maximize your client’s media coverage.


Here is what to look for when researching media outlets:




  1. Right Beat: When looking at potential publications, it’s important to research what topics they tend to cover. Since your client is releasing a new version of their lead generation software, reaching out to lifestyle publications may not be the most effective source to tap into. Find the media channel that best matches your client’s market.
  2. Right Audience: Find out the target audience of each media outlet you are researching and make sure their audience matches your client’s target audience. If a media outlet’s audience is consumer-centric, your clients new lead generation software will be overlooked because their audience doesn’t have a personal need for your client’s specific type of technology.
  3. Right Journalist: After you do your research and choose the most effective media outlets for your pitch, it’s important to find the reporter or journalist who specializes in your client’s market. Do some digging to find previous articles journalists have written to see if they would make sense to pitch. When doing research on specific journalists, start by searching your client on the media outlet’s site. If a journalist has previously covered your client, they will be more inclined to cover them again. Another strategy is to research your client’s key competitors. Pitch those journalists who have covered your client’s competitors by offering an opposing point of view or a thought provoking piece of information that would push the journalist to write a story about your client’s product. Doing research on journalists before you start pitching will elevate your chances of a securing a media placement.


Research is key in every aspect of a public relations plan but a necessity when planning out a media campaign for your client. Take your time and do your due diligence to secure the coverage your client deserves!

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