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Most of the time, Instagram is a platform to share highly edited, perfectly posed and wittingly captioned moments in time with your followers. However, with a Finstagram, users have a “chance to be real.”

Though I would like to say I am rebel against society’s constructed rules of Instagram, I am not. However, I am not alone. It’s very rare I scroll through my Instagram feed and see an actual candid photo that truly has #NoFilter – it’s sad but true. As the “rules” of Instagram become more rigid and frequent, so do the amount of “Finstagram” accounts.


Finstagram accounts, short for fake Instagrams, are becoming increasingly more popular. The purpose of a fake Instagram account is the ability to post whatever content you want without catching heat from your followers. The only guideline for a Finstagram account is to choose your followers cautiously.

So, why are fake Instagram accounts becoming so popular? Short answer: it’s a chance to post whatever you want, whenever you want.

These fake accounts seem almost too crazy to be true, but with roughly 59 percent of online adults ranging from 18-29 years old using Instagram daily, it’s no surprise people have started creating multiple social personas.

This social media trend has taken off and many people have followed suit in creating a Finstagram account. In college, I lived in a house of five girls and I was the only one who didn’t have a Finstagram account. My friends who created a second social persona used the platform as an outlet to post pictures that they wanted to post on Instagram to only select followers. They used this space as an opportunity to avoid being that person who posted multiple pictures from the same event. It is common for groups of friends to even make a single Finstagram, where they all have access, to create an online space where they can share funny memories with just each other.

Finstagram’s are starting to be used as an opportunity for people to brand themselves in a specific industry. Creating a Finstagram account could be a successful way to market yourself as a leader in a particular business, like fashion, fitness or photography, without having to over populate your personal account. It has also a way for people to post relevant pop culture topics, like Beige Cardigan or My Therapist Says, without revealing their identity.


Whatever your reason for joining the “finsta” world may be, I would pick very carefully who your followers are going to be and make sure it’s on private!





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