The Value of Trade Publications and How to Get Your Clients in Them

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Though trade magazines sometimes aren’t as sexy as other publications, these targeted publications that speak to your clients’ industries are often necessary in a PR plan. Your client gains authority after appearing in respected, specialized publications, while joining a community of likeminded trade members.

Though at SPR we take total media value with a grain of salt, because so many other factors go into placements, one estimate puts the cost of a trade publication piece from $6,000 – $20,000. However, the real cost of your piece is much more. You’re reaching a targeted audience, your editorial piece has more credibility than advertising, your article helps SEO and much more. Trade magazines are more important than ever – leverage them!

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A few that I’ve secured in the past year include:

After having some experience in securing placements, here’s a few tips:

Read the Directions

The majority of the time, trade publications explicitly outline how to pitch them and what they need from you in the submission. Before you spend time writing 600 pages did you mean words?, first pitch the story. Once it’s accepted, follow the guidelines, which will outline what you need to provide in terms of word count, author bio and pictures.

Keep Your Client Involved Throughout the Process

With trade publications, it’s even more important to have your verbiage, messaging and Thought Leadership in tip-top shape. People reading these publications have a more critical eye than the average reader who only has general knowledge of your topic. I’ve always found that my best pieces in trade magazines result when I start the process off with a lengthy conversation with my client and send the article over to them for edits before sending onto the publication.

Repurpose Your Content

Like many other placements you secure for your client, repurpose it in appropriate mediums!  When appropriate, add it to your website, social media and eNewsletters so people who aren’t subscribed to the trade publication can read and view your Thought Leadership.

Read Them!

Lastly, not only should you be pitching and writing content for trade magazines, you should also be up-to-date on the trade magazines relevant to your clients.

“No matter what trade or business someone chooses to go into, it is important that they actively read trade publications serving their field. Trade publications tend to be the forefront of information within an industry and they are going to keep individuals informed about their particular field; it is something they can use frequently for their benefit and to promote themselves,” said Maura Jacob, a managing editor at Handley Business Media, which produces more than 30 business trade journals every year.

Happy pitching, writing and reading!

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