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Almost every PR professional I know has this problem from time to time: having a difficult time procuring a client placement. Whether we’ve been pitching our client’s exciting news to targeted media and diligently followed up; or our client doesn’t have any news and we’re still preserving to increase their share of voice in the marketplace, we’re temporarily coming up short.

One of the most common ways to break through that barrier is tying a client to a timely event. If you’re stuck in a temporary rut right now, there are fortunately many events coming up to which you can link your client, given the right creative flair.

Solar Eclipse

It seems as if next week’s solar eclipse is all anyone can talk about these days. In case you’ve been living under a rock: on August 21, a total solar eclipse will be visible within a band across the contiguous U.S. Even if you’re not a bar hosting a solar eclipse happy hour or a national park giving free admission for viewers, you can still be included in the conversation. What will your client be doing in 2024, the next time a future total solar eclipse will pass through the U.S.? What was your client doing in 1918, the last time a solar eclipse passed in totality from the Pacific to the Atlantic? Does your client have a location in the path of totality? If so, how is the community reacting?

School and Sports Are Back

It’s been a long summer of baseball, but sports that aren’t defined by innings are finally back. College football returns on September 2 with the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game hosting Alabama vs. Florida State. Week one of the NFL begins September 7 with Chiefs vs. Patriots. Most K-12 schools have already begun their school year, while higher education institutions are just beginning or preparing to begin over the next few weeks. How does your client support their alma maters? Do your hospitality clients have a new menu or events for Football Sundays? Lucky for PR professionals, many clients have sports and higher education affiliations, you just have to find the right features angle.

National Days

Though it seems like National Pizza Day or National Pet Day is every other week – flooding our Instagram feeds – many popular publications cover these light-hearted events. A few of the upcoming “National Days” include:

August 18: National Fajita Day. Any food-related National Day is perfect for hospitality clients, especially if they serve said celebrated dish!

August 21: National Senior Citizens Day. If applicable, use National Senior Citizens Day to highlight how your client serves senior citizens.

August 25: National Kiss and Make Up Day. This event could be perfect if you have any clients that have a light-hearted rivalry with a competitor.

August 26: National Women’s Equality Day. Use this day to showcase any strong female executives or to demonstrate how far a business has come in more recent decades.

Do yourself a favor and keep a frequently updated calendar of events that can assist you in getting your client the attention they deserve. Tying your client’s story into what people are already talking about can create some of the most powerful, most sharable content.

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