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Raise your hand if you are in charge of social media management for a client. Now, keep your hand up if you have ever sat in front of your computer struggling to create engaging content to post.

If you’re struggling to create meaningful content to post on your client’s social media accounts, stuck in a content rut or looking to fill in a few gaps on your social media or content marketing calendar, try repurposing old content.

Repurposing content is a way of taking content that was used for one purpose and reusing it for another. It is a useful strategy to implement when looking to save resources and time. It can help you reach a boarder audience by placing previously used content in front of new followers, it can allow you to diversify and strengthen your content while maintaining consistent messaging.

So, what type of content should you repurpose? For starters, try to always repurpose content that is evergreen and will remain true as time passes. Stay away from content that had a specific timely aspect or would not apply to your client’s current PR strategy.

Other content to repurpose is content that has proven to drive meaningful engagement to your client’s website or has generated new leads. Look at your client’s social media insights or website analytics to carefully choose the best performing content to repurpose.

Here are a few ways you can repurpose your content.

1. Turn a case study into a social post

If you have created a case study for your client that celebrates their success turn the specific insights into visual content that you can share on their social accounts. It’s an easy to way to promote your client’s brand while positively positioning your client in the minds of their targeted consumers!

2. Repurpose old photos for new graphics

Do you have an awesome photo you previously used? Repurpose it! Get creative and use it as the background for a branded graphic for a blog, eNewsletter or even a new social post.

3. Repurpose videos by cutting them into short videos

Sharing videos on social media, especially Facebook, is a surefire way to garner impressions and generate engagement, but no one wants to watch long videos. Cut your videos into short 30 second segments and share them in order on social media to create an innovative mini-series. It is important to make sure that the videos still make sense after they are shortened.

4. Create a social post out of an underperforming newsletter

Using newsletter’s to successfully communicate your client’s key messages can be difficult, so why not take that content and repurpose it to create social media posts. Use the content from your underperforming newsletter and address your audience directly by posting it on the social media account that has proven to garner the highest amount of impressions. The new social post may even catch the eye of someone who previously dismissed the newsletter.

Repurposing content is a strategy you should keep in mind when reviewing social media insights and website analytics so you will continue to share popular content!

How will you repurpose your old content?

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