Public Relations and SEO Strategies


Once upon a time, SEO (or search engine optimization) and public relations existed separately. Now, PR and SEO go hand-in-hand – or they should. Optimized, quality content? Links? Keywords? Branding? All are essential to both PR and SEO. After all, digital marketing is king nowadays.

This combination of search engine optimization and PR began when Google started putting an emphasis on and rewarding quality content. Your content should be unique, related to your business and helpful to your target audience. When you combine your PR and SEO goals, you are developing a stronger digital marketing plan and presence, which ultimately assists in brand visibility.

Instead of only focusing on website numbers or only focusing on storytelling, make everything easier and better by always thinking of PR with search engine optimization in mind and vice versa.

google seoWhen you’re creating content, be sure to create it with “shareability” in mind. Ensure that all outgoing content about your client or organization is on brand and on message. Quality content will help earn you links, hopefully from reputable, credible sources.

Include optimized links and keywords to further boost your search engine optimization within earned and owned content. Try to generate links from other sites around the web with your public relations strategies.

Integrating SEO into all things public relations will drive website traffic and Google rankings all while accomplishing your PR goals as well.

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