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Celebrating 65 years of Zesto Atlanta History

An SPR Client Case Study

How We Helped Zesto

In March 2014, Zesto requested SPR Atlanta’s services for its 65th anniversary. Specifically with video, they wanted us to create a history video that would showcase Zesto’s roots and its birth in Atlanta when Big John Livaditis opened the first Zesto here. The video would be educational, but it would also include visuals that would attract potential guests and tourists to come visit, as well as create repeat guests.

During our videos discussion with Zesto, they had another major idea for a video. They asked us to create something that could potentially go viral. We responded with ‘music video.’ The goal was to complete both videos and air them online during the first week of May 2014. After speaking with Zesto extensively, both parties came to the agreement that a history video and a music video were absolutely feasible given the deadline.

The first video we tackled was the ‘History of Zesto’ video. Production started during the third week of March, and we set up interviews with a few members of the Livaditis family. We also interviewed a couple of amazing Zesto employees to capture and share the employee – guest interaction. Filming all interviews and capturing b-roll was completed by the second week of April, and we only went through about five drafts before Zesto came to a version they approved and loved.

We hired Marty Kearns, sound engineer of 500 East recording studios, to sit down with our two child stars and record the song. Recording of the song was miraculously completed in approximately 2.5 hours, and we started filming two days afterward.The second and more complex video we produced was a rap music video titled, Zesto Manifesto. Friends of the SPR team wrote the lyrics and produced the track. Everyone on the team envisioned children as the stars for this piece, and we held our own screen tests at our office in Rhodes Hall. We found our stars during the third week of April, and production started during the fourth week.

Filming was completed on premises of the iconic Zesto located on Ponce de Leon Avenue. The entire shoot lasted from 8 a.m. to about 1 p.m. on a Saturday, and the music video was edited that same night! Five drafts and 300 cups of coffee later, Zesto came to a version that they loved.


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