RocaPoint Partners

HALCYON Forsyth – A Premiere, Groundbreaking Mixed-Use Village

An SPR Client Case Study


RocaPoint Partners enlisted the help of SPR Atlanta to make a splash in the Atlanta commercial real estate market by announcing their unique new mixed-use village in Forsyth County, Georgia – called HALCYON Forsyth – and to establish their firm as a leader in the market. SPR Atlanta battled false information in the media, developed and controlled messaging and even assisted with communications during zoning approvals. Despite these challenges, we were able to successfully make a splash in Atlanta’s commercial real estate market.


SPR aimed to position HALCYON as a premiere, groundbreaking mixed-use village that tenants and the community alike would love to visit and be a part of. We also wanted to position RocaPoint Partners as a leading mixed-use developer with foresight and knowledge of area trends, wants and needs.


  • Raise awareness of HALCYON as unique, new, exciting mixed-use development in the marketplace to attract tenants and build community support
  • Correct any false information that was being reported by the media
  • Establish RocaPoint Partners as a well-known Atlanta developer with the experience and ability to handle large developments
  • Develop a strong social media following for RocaPoint Partners and HALYCON
  • Obtain media coverage of RocaPoint’s various developments in the Atlanta area
    • HALCYON Forsyth groundbreaking
    • Break the news of RocaPoint’s Grant Park Beltline development to keep the firm in the news and show their capabilities with large developments


  • Created a Facebook and Twitter for RocaPoint Partners, followed the industry’s leaders and strategically shared interesting and relevant content
  • Created an Instagram and Twitter for HALYCON, followed the industry’s leaders and strategically shared interesting and relevant content
    • SPR teased the upcoming project before announcing any details
  • Secured media coverage in daily newspapers, trade publications and online media for RocaPoint Partners and HALCYON
  • Pitched the Grant Park development to further establish RocaPoint as a large, qualified Atlanta developer and keep the firm in the news
  • Worked alongside a marketing consultant in planning and executing several events meant to create buzz about HALCYON and RocaPoint Partners
  • Worked to build buzz about an event meant to spread awareness of HALCYON at an ICSC event
    • Visited large Atlanta brokers and delivering gifts on behalf of RocaPoint Partners
  • Created two videos of HALYCON events featuring RocaPoint Partners leaders
  • Created and distributed two eNewsletters on behalf of RocaPoint Partners


Our efforts resulted in extensive media coverage of RocaPoint Partners, HALYCON Forsyth and the Grant Park development that left the industry buzzing. In total, RocaPoint Partners and its developments had 41,333,000 total impressions in the media. SPR Atlanta also secured front-page coverage of RocaPoint’s development in Grant Park in the Atlanta Business Chronicle as a result of our strategy to establish RocaPoint as a capable Atlanta developer. On social media, SPR Atlanta’s tweets for HALCYON and RocaPoint totaled over 43,500 impressions in five months.

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