Midtown Atlanta Parking Deck Collapse

The Challenge

In 2009, a parking deck collapse in Midtown Atlanta garnered immediate television, radio and online attention. No one yet knew details of the collapse, only that it happened right around lunchtime. With a client’s reputation on the line, SPR President and former reporter Chris Schroder immediately went to the site to meet with the property manager (client) and the many stakeholders involved.

The solution

Using his wealth of industry knowledge, Schroder worked closely with Atlanta’s reporters, making sure they were given timely, accurate and detailed information. An easily cluttered message soon became clear, and SPR’s client was cleared of any wrongdoing. Thankfully no one was injured. Reporters and those who worked in the office building were grateful for the up-to-date information SPR’s client provided through multiple channels. By being on-site with all stakeholders and ensuring a transparent message was provided as the information became available, the media was able to provide accurate information in real time to audiences.


The parking deck was repaired and the media crisis subsided.

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