PARK(ing) Day Case Study

Project Overview

PARK(ing) Day came on the green scene in 2005, beginning in San Francisco. Since then, PARK(ing) Day has evolved into an annual global event every September where citizens, artists and activists temporarily transform parking spaces into public places.

When it arrived 11 years later in Buckhead, Atlanta-based landscape architect and planner HGOR wanted to play a major part in it.


While HGOR was planning how to transform three asphalt parking spots in wild oases, we needed to raise general awareness about the firm. We also needed to raise awareness about the firm’s role in advocating for city green spaces and the field of landscape architecture, one of the pillars in HGOR’s mission.

During the PARK(ing) Day campaign, we also wanted to show HGOR that we go above and beyond for our clients. We didn’t want to just provide our professional services – we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty.



Combining video, social media, content marketing and media relations, SPR encouraged target audiences and media to engage in and share visually appealing and interesting content on the event – resulting in thousands of impressions.

SPR also was instrumental in assisting with HGOR’s pop-up park, arriving early and staying late to set up and break down the extensive pop-up park


  • Atlanta media
  • HGOR team members
  • Those attending PARK(ing) Day: other businesses and nonprofits participating, visitors, mall-goers


Following the commencement of PARK(ing) Day, three publications will discuss HGOR’s role in PARK(ing) Day, resulting in at least 30,000 impressions. At least three of the publications will share a picture of HGOR’s work. HGOG’s PARK(ing) will reach an audience of 10,000 on social media.


Since PARK(ing) Day is such a visual medium, SPR wanted to capture the entire day on camera, which would create sharable content for social media and content marketing purposes. To obtain media coverage, SPR would reach out to reporters that cover Atlanta small businesses, sustainability and events. Our extensive social campaign was split into three parts – before, during and after the event – to maximize social impressions and to further amplify the generated content.


To catch attention of the media, SPR sent individualized media pitches and follow-up emails to a targeted media list. For videography, SPR arrived early on site to set up a time-lapse camera that overlooked the site, as well conducted video interviews with team members and filmed other pop-up parks at the event.

To gain even more attraction on social media, we created a stunning Snapchat filter that would appear for anyone using Snapchat at Lenox Mall from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. We also encouraged reporters to share news about HGOR and PARK(ing) Day on social media even if they weren’t able to attend the event or cover it. We took over HGOR’s Twitter to promote the event in real time as well as heavily promote it before, during and after on SPR’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


More than 20 parks by more than 20 different sponsors were constructed in Buckhead that day. However, none received comparable coverage to HGOR, thanks to SPR’s diligent work in promoting HGOR before, during and after the event. SPR secured the following publications to discuss HGOR’s PARK(ing) Day presence. Each publication also displayed pictures of HGOR’s pop-up park with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution even featuring SPR’s video. The combined unique monthly visitors of the three publications was 8,046,000 million visitors.

We also placed two pieces in The Atlanta 100, which reaches 35,000 inboxes every week, resulting in nearly 300 clicks:

The Snapchat Filter was used 56 times in just three hours and was viewed 2,476 times.

Livable Buckhead, 11Alive’s Jennifer Leslie, Collins Cooper Carusi, The Atlanta 100, along with SPR and HGOR, mentioned HGOR’s role in PARK(ing) Day – resulting in an audience potential of 8,757. The video was watched more than 200 times.

The cherry on the top? HGOR took home Most Popular, determined by stickers placed on park signs by event attendees, and Most Creative, determined by the judging committee.

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