SPR Atlanta’s video department has valuable experience in videography, editing and photography. SPR Atlanta is known for our ability to film interview-style video as well as feature and corporate video. We’re constantly incorporating the latest trends into our videos to ensure that you look your best. Whether you’re in need of drone footage to show an expansive new land purchase, want to document an important milestone in your company or want to impress during a proposal process, we can help you share your story through the medium that everyone wants to employ.

SPR Atlanta has garnered much praise for our documentary-style interviews and has won a Golden Hermes Award. SPR Atlanta has also produced music videos, testimonials, biographies and the popular videos series Moments in SaportaReport and Crossroads in The Atlanta 100.

SPR will also help manage clients’ YouTube channels in order to help promote services and raise general awareness about brands. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, so it is imperative to maintain a presence there.


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