Consistency is key on Instagram

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When you first view a new Instagram profile, what is your first thought?

For me, depending on the existing relationship I have with person or brand, I usually decide if the profile is visually appealing to me or not.

Since its debut, Instagram has undisputedly become the most popular social media platform for users to visual content. With over 600 million active users on Instagram, it can be hard for brands to stand out among their competitors. In recent years, high visibility on the social media platform has become a coveted commodity forcing brands to rethink their strategy to become a top Instagram influencer in their respective industries.

So which profiles tend to perform best?

With over 76 million followers, National Geographic is one of the most successful accounts on Instagram. Though much of the company’s social media success can be credited to the photographers capturing the content, National Geographic implements one of the most important strategies on Instagram – consistency.

Consistency is key when implementing an Instagram strategy and it is imperative to your profile’s success to be consistent with the theme of your company’s account.

To create a cohesive theme on your company’s Instagram, it’s important to first think of your company’s profile as a live portfolio of what your company does best. Create set guidelines for company’s profile and stick to them. It is best to choose one filter to consistently use when editing photos. Try to be picky when you are deciding which images you will use, and avoid being inconsistent with the quality of your photos.

Be sure to plan out the content you will be posting on your company’s profile. This will allow you to see how your photos work together and if you are straying from your set theme.

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