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Choosing the Right Media For Your Pitch

You are sitting at a meeting with a client, and they tell you about their new version of their lead generation software they are about to launch. You discuss the details of the product at length and begin to strategize a media campaign. You draft the appropriate written content such as a backgrounder or press release, conduct interviews with leadership, gather visual marketing materials like photographs. While you’re planning all of this, you’re also planning your ideal placement. You ask yourself, “Okay, which media outlet would be the most effective?”



How to Make Sure Your Clients’ Social Media Doesn’t Take Off

We spend plenty of time on our blog discussing “how to.” How to get into a trade magazine, how to get the most out of attending a conference, how to run a #finstagram and the list goes on. This week, I’m here to tell you how to not do something. How to make sure your client’s social media channels garner no engagement, earn no impressions and fail to attract a target audience. All of these traits center around laziness. If you want your client to move onto a new PR firm to handle their social media – do the following things.



The Value of Trade Publications and How to Get Your Clients in Them

Though trade magazines sometimes aren’t as sexy as other publications, these targeted publications that speak to your clients’ industries are often necessary in a PR plan. Your client gains authority after appearing in respected, specialized publications, while joining a community of likeminded trade members.

Though at SPR we take total media value with a grain of salt, because so many other factors go into placements, one estimate puts the cost of a trade publication piece from $6,000 – $20,000. However, the real cost of your piece is much more. You’re reaching a targeted audience, your editorial piece has more credibility than advertising, your article helps SEO and much more. Trade magazines are more important than ever – leverage them!



Consistency is key on Instagram

When you first view a new Instagram profile, what is your first thought?

For me, depending on the existing relationship I have with person or brand, I usually decide if the profile is visually appealing to me or not.

Since its debut, Instagram has undisputedly become the most popular social media platform for users to visual content. With over 600 million active users on Instagram, (more…)


4 ways to make the most of your conference

Next week, Chris Schroder and I will be attending the PRSA Counselors Academy (CAPRSA) Spring Conference in Seattle. We go to CAPRSA’s conference each year to learn about new ways we can add value to our team here at SPR Atlanta and, of course, to our clients.

CAPRSA is a wonderful resource for those leading PR agencies or independent practitioners because we are all facing similar experiences and can trust each other to provide solid advice.

This will be my third year attending the conference, and I’ve picked up a few tips along the way. Whether you’re attending a conference in town or in another country, check out the following ways you can make the most of your conference experience. (more…)

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